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Naples Cultural Heritage Trail
History is the study of human behavior through time. Florida Trend’s 1959 article calling Naples a “nothing-to-do town” has changed over the years so has the attitude on the ‘value of history’ in a town whose very survival, in more ways that one, is attributed to post WWII and the vision of those pioneering families who wanted the character and identity of Naples to be know for its casual elegance.

The Diamond Jubilee Committee, Chaired by former Mayor, Bonnie MacKenzie, launch a six months celebration dedicated to our City’s remarkable heritage. in 2000. This celebration culminated with the installation a series of uniquely designed outdoor bronze markers, which were intended “to perpetuate local history and landmarks for those who will want to know about this fabulous community in the years to come”.

Originally 15 sites for Historical Markers were slated. Of these 15 only 12 were fulfilled leaving Combs Fish House, Tin City and the 1921 Naples Company Building. Today these 12 sites, plus Tin City, Combs Fish Co. and one addition Diamond Jubliee Bronze Marker, The First Baptist Church, added In December 2011, can be appreciated for years to come with a WEB APP and QR code, usable for smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The QR Code is places around the City as well as on the markers offering a “futuristic way to look at history”, as quoted by Lance Shearer in the NDN.

To read more on Lois Bolin’s commitment to make history more fun, more available and more meaningful, Life in Naples offers wonderful insights in this “so much to do in town”.